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  I am making this page for my grandchildren, who unfortunately never ever met my father or mother. They would have been so proud of them all as he was very proud of his grandchildren. As most of his grandchildren were in England  he made sure that our four children in America knew their cousins well so arranged for many family vacations where the children got to know each other well. We made trips to England every few years and a house would be rented big enough for all to stay in plus my cousin Ann De Roo in Cape Town SA would also visit with her family and those cousins were close as well. Ann's husband Tom and Bill always had a great time touring together and they were always left behind as we joked they read every sign available. We have many great memories and I think the children do as well of trips there. As teenagers my dad planned for our youngest two to fly over to London to go with four of their first cousins ,who were the same ages , to go to the French Alps for a ten day ski trip with a ski club. I think that was when they really got to know each other well and after that we had a couple of cousins over to the States every summer to stay with us which was always fun. Three of our children had a British cousin in their wedding parties and at Erin and Gavin's wedding there were 15 from England ,Wales and Cape Town able to attend. My dad would have been thrilled.

 My mother , Eluned Gwendydd Jones, left this earth far to early as she had a stroke in her early 50s and lived three years after that. My dad stayed by her side thru those years and after her death in 1978 he advertised in the paper to take out ladies to dinner and plays at the University. He would take out two or three at a time and enjoy every minute of it. He had a hard time being alone and it wasn't many years till he was married again. He was actually married three times after my mother died. First time was a little too quickly and I never met that lady as she announced she would not travel as they were about to visit us one year. My dad loved to travel the world and took my sisters all over the place after I had left for college. Soon after he met lovely Olive who had been told she wouldn't live more than 6 months. Olive had been a school principal and had never gotten married as she took care of her mother  and it wasn't long before they were married in 1986. He nursed Olive to health and they traveled to Japan where Olive had always wanted to go and they made several trips to America to visit us.. Olive died in 1989 after a 6 month illness. About that time dad met Miriam whose husband died around the same time  Olive had died and they were married in 1990.

My dad died in 1995.

 I plan to add many family pictures to this page and would love for our children to add a few memories of their times with my parents. I was able to scan his obituary but will try and add some photos as I find them so they are all in one place when ever our grand children are old enough to enjoy them. My dad was also well known as Uncle El to my cousins and  and they all thought a lot of him as well so I am sure their children can learn about him as well as we add photos. Please send me good pictures to add .I have many more I need to scan and add and that will take time.

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My dad and his sister Olwen Thomas and my mothers sister Eirlys Bancroft and husband Reg ,and all our children at one of our visits. Tom and Ann and their three children were also there from Cape Town like many of our visits. Dads brother emigrated to Cape Town and had three girls. The Bancroft's and Thomas and Richard's families spent many holidays together in August staying in Tresaith


Now my father has his own Wikipedia's page.

This is the link to see his page.



                     Dads 80th Birthday was a big event and I hope I can find the photo taken of him with all his Grandchildren. This was his third and last retirement party and this time they brought a 60 person choir from Cardiff Wales to sing. My Dad was a true welshman who loved to sing. Every Christmas we would go and listen to his 100 member choir do Handles Messiah we all went over for that. I have fond memories of him singing  while my mother played the piano. He had a wonderful tenor voice and when ever I hear the song 'Danny Boy' it always brings back great memories.

 One reason his party was very special was that as a child my dad was not allowed to do any Sports due to his bad asthma and his parents were told he would not live past 30.He sure fooled them although suffered badly all his life with asthma it never slowed him down.He did not live long after his 80th birthday as he had a heart attack coming in the house after eating lunch out. I always thought what a great way for him to go. He loved to eat and died with a full stomach.!!

My Dads parents. Mamgu Beach  we called her.

 We didn't know our grandfather as he died very young.

The Elvyn Richards Hall named for Dad at Loughborough University.

The above picture was taken when we visited when Dave was small and picture taken under Dads picture.


      Books he wrote

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