American/ Canadian Champion Tresaith's Best Man

Bevan finished his American Championship with a 5 point major at the Palmetto Supported Entry in Greenville ,South Carolina ,on Valentines Day 2009 under Judge Judy Doniere.

His first major was a 4 point major under  Mrs Virginia Lyne


Champion Dalarno's Play It Again Sam:
Canadian Champion Revelmere Maid of Honour

    Bevan was Bred by Us and whelped March 6th 2006.  


Bevan was able to attain his Canadian Championship in a weekend and now he has 14 points in the States towards his American Championship so we are now waiting to get one last major.

Bevan lives with my son Dave and his wife Courtney and their two children Nicholas and Mekenzie. Courtney and Nicholas are in this photo.

Bevan was bred last fall to two of our girls and had 8 puppies with Poppit and 5 with Morgan.

All red and white and we were hoping he would sire a tri or two..

All 13 got wonderful homes and can be seen as they grow on the Alabama bred page.


Bevan's Retirement


Bevan is now living with Bill and Elli Harper in Covington Louisiana and with Betsy who was a puppy from the first Dewy Deryn litter. Good friends they are now. He is missed by Mekenzie but we have promised her we will go and visit him next summer. He was Courtney's dog before she died and he didn't get the attention he needed after she passed away and would dig out of the yard. We are greatful to the  Harpers for giving him a new home.




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