Other Relatives

Naple Florida 2012

First time to get with my sisters and husbands in three years.


This is, Bills mothers sister Aunt Caroline

Aunt Caroline

AFTER Lucy's wedding in St Dogmaels Wales 2004.




Sisters. Sylvia left ,Lyn,Myself and Glen 2006

Sisters and  Cousins,  who came from overseas for Erin and Gavin's wedding

Also Thelma Topper, a Childhood friend of mine who lives now in the States.

All Relatives who traveled a long way to the wedding







Wales 2004

[left] is at Brynderwen in St Dogmaels where George and Glen live.

[right] is all cousins reminiscing at Tresaith beach having lunch on the rocks.



[left] in our driveway when Shawn came home for his break from Iraq. Tiffany's sisters and families.

[middle] at Nikkis house in Rogers Arkansas Memorial weekend  2003

Ray and Amy, Carey ,Davis and Brook, visited us at the Smoky Mountain house we rented for a week with all the family in 2003