Canadian Champion Larklains Troupersilk O'Tresaith


sire: Larkains Magnums Trouper

dam: CH Larklains Funtime Spring


Breeders           whelped









Bethan came to us from Colorado as a 7 week old puppy in December of 1993 and was a companion to Delyth and they were great friends and partners in crime. She became our first Canadian Champion and also made us proud at her first specialty [Potomac] when at the age of 6months and one week she won a class of 26 6-9month bitches under Blandie Ijams. She did get 6points towards her American Championship but we stopped showing her so she could be bred and the litter of 6 tris was her best litter. They were sired by Canadian /American Champion Left Bank Curig Moments Notice. [Nico] owned by Barb DuPree. The photo of the 6 puppies made it to two calendars in 1998. One was the Welsh Corgi Leagues calendar in Britain and the other was the Corgi Shop in Massachusetts. Bethan did get her Novice Agility title but now resides with daughter Nikki, and son in law Tony, where she is able to accompany Nikki to her job as a designer of products for Wallmarts .They live in a lovely waterfront penthouse apartment over looking the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Bethan together with Huw are known by the folk in Salsalito as they get to go everywhere Nikki and Tony go and have made many friends . See the photo of them both on their deck.


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