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Licorice Nine - Shani and Sam

Born: October 2013




Before You Buy,


 Thoughts On Buying A Dog ...



 I have been very concerned lately with the number of web sites

offering purebred dogs for sale. While there are many responsible

dog breeders now on the web, it is up to the customer to decipher

who is the "responsible breeder" and who is the "puppy mill breeder.

" Here are some things that you may want to do before deciding to buy a

purebred puppy from any breeder.

Ask if all of their breeding stock are tested for the health

problems that are in the breed you are considering. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are known

to have inherited eye problems, hip dysplasia and von Willebrands Disease (a blood disorder).

Responsible breeders will not only be glad to share all test results of their breeding stock,

but will also be glad that you have asked. It shows that you are doing your homework.

If a "breeder" tells you that "my dogs don't have that, therefore I don't have to test .......

take that as a warning-sign! If you ask a "breeder" why they are breeding dogs

and they tell you that,"We are breeding for just pets".....use extreme caution!

Responsible breeders breed purebred dogs for one reason -- and that is to try and improve

the breed.If someone tells you that they are breeding only to provide pets for pet homes,

then they are by definition a Puppy Mill no matter what the size of their establishment,

Their goal for breeding dogs is to make money. These same people will often tell you that the

"show breeder" is ruining the breed and the "show breeder" does not have the best interest

of the dogs in mind. This only shows how ill-informed they are.

Responsible (show) breeders do not take shortcuts with their dogs and a lot of money,

time and love is spent on every litter to ensure that their puppies are the healthiest and

of the best quality possible. Please remember this -- a responsible breeder is lucky to get

one or two puppies from each litter that will make it in the show ring, the rest of those puppies

are going to spend their lives as healthy, well-adjusted, beautiful pets that the responsible

breeder loves just as much as their "show" dogs.

More thoughts .... Christmas is not the time to bring a new puppy into the

family especially if there ore young children (who won't want to leave their

computer games to tend to a puppy) and/or guests expected to visit over the holidays.

Going to a new home is "traumatic" enough on a puppy

without the hustle and bustle of Christmas going on, too.

A puppy does not make a good Christmas gift  Look for a puppy

after everything has calmed down, the holidays are over and

you've got plenty of time to devote to your new family member.

Dogs are for a lifetime, not just to be purchased on a whim for Christmas.




Please click on the photo below and take the time to read it..




February 10th, 2018


Tresaith is very please to announce that

Annabelle gave birth to 9 beautiful red and white puppies

5 boys and 4 girls


Proud father is

11 years old "Dewy"






December 16, 2017



GCh.Tresaith Triad Tegan's Licorie Twist gave birth

to 7 beautiful puppies.

5 Boys and 2 Girls


Sire: GCHP. Riverside Xtra Style


Oscar in group at Royal Canin Dec 2016


Click on the link below


Also you can see the babies at one month old.












January 3rd 2017


GCh.Tresaith Triad Tegan's Licorie Twist gave birth

to 7 beautiful tri puppies they are all spocken for.

5 Boys and 2 Girls


Sire: Ch. Letalone Creek Mid Knight Music.





December 31, 2016

We are proud to announce the arrival

of 2 boys and 1 girl

Sire: Sundance secret Stash "Tommy"

Dam: GCh. Tresaith's Merryn and Moonbeams



Here a picture of the father "Tommy" and his pedigree


Baby Jokull in April 2017


The tri brother with our Toostie



May 08, 2016


Tegan give birth to 6 lovely babies.

4 Girls and 2 boys.

All the babies are spoken for.

All the babies will be tris.


Tegan Parker

GCh. Tresaith Triad Tegan's Licorice Twist

Ch. Misty Ridge Rumblestillskin






April 1st



April 1, Merryn gave birth to 2 girls and 4 boys.

and its not a April Fool..

All the pets are spoken for.

Sire: Ch. Tri-umph 'Taint No Saint "Chris"

Pictures below is the dad..



August 17, 2015


Dewy -Shani give birth to 2 babies
They are spoken for.



July 29th.


Bethan give birth to 2 puppies and they are spoken for.

She had 1 boy and one girl.


Sire is Gr Ch. Ciregan That's Amore "Lucca"

owned by David Guempel



Today January 07, 2015

Our Bethan gave birth to 7 beautiful babies.

5 red/white girls and 2 red/white boys

Sire: MBIS BISS Gold GCh. Eden Crowns Designer Label, ROM


Dam: Tresaiths Dainty Maid


Click here to see a little video of the newborn babies, they were only couple hours old.

Mr Green....Beryl..

Miss Pink...Annie

with Morgan, Ch. Tresaiths Circletop smit'ten

Over Dewy's Morgan

Owner: Cita Picket

Mr. Blue.. Archie

Miss Purple.. Mazzie


Mr. Orange.. Toby






Yankee Doodle born on

Veterans day

November 11, 2014



Click on the pedigree to enlarge.





We are pleased to announce that our tri Girl Shani

"Triad Siani HT" bred and co-owned by

Patty Gailey has been bred to

"Sandfox Eweknow Eclipse Of The Heart" Sam, who won

Winners Dog at Mayflower, and she will be due around

the 9th of October 2013.

We are excited about an all tri litter.


Bartok - Provo Utah Corky - NYC

Bartok will live in Provo Utah

Corky will live in NYC
Gracie - Pensacola Gus - close by Vestavia
Gracie is living in Pensacola Gus will live close by in Vestavia
Hearty is staying home for the moment Lollipop - Blackfoot Idaho
Hearty is staying home for the moment Lollipop in on her way to Idaho
Peanut - NYC Tegan - Alabama
Peanut will go to NYC Tegan stay with us
Wase -Florida  
Wase will go to Florida  


Corky Corky


"Tatum" Ch. Tresaith's Lucky Strike,

was bred to our Dewy,

BISS Silver Grand Champion Honeyfox So Dash N

Debonair BN, RE, CGC

and would be due to whelp red and white puppies in

Kentucky the end of September. She lives with co-owner

Pam Adams in Kentucky and is pictured below with Pam who showed her for all her points. Tatums sire is

Ch.Greenwoods Fame and Fortune and

dam is Tresaith's Gwendolyn Gliding in Gold






We are pleased to announce the birth of


2 boys and 2 girls

March 09th


All the babies have their homes.


Proud mother is our "Siani"

Triad's Simply Siani at Tresaith


Ch.Riverside Captain Orange "Crush"


Here theirs pedigree



May 2013



Dickens, Dougan, Sage the fluffy and Merryn


6 weeks old babies

Fluffy Sage, Merryn,
Dougan and Dickens

My keeper "Merryn" Dougan



We are pleased to announce the birth of

8 lovely puppies, born March 19th 2012
5 Wonderful boys and 3 Gorgeous girls.

Proud Parents; Tresaith's Whatz The Deal "Delia"


Ch. Honeyfox So Dash N Debonair "Dewy"


We will post pictures of the babies soon.

Delia & Dewy babies

March 24, 2012

4 days old4 days old

Taken with permission from Dalarno Pembroke Welsh Corgis.





A great visit to my grand daughter Mekenzie's pre school was a big success.




We planned two litters in 2011.Delia was bred to Dewy and had four puppies August 24th.

Gwen was bred to Linkel Nanteos Gwydion known as Nicky and had two boys by Section August 30th.

Well the first of my two litters were born  to Delia when she had 4 puppies red and white.3 girls and one boy. Delia was bred to our Dewy. Pedigree is posted below. August 24th was that date.


I Am afraid all the  girl puppies are spoken for so cannot take any more enquiries at this time. These were my only two litters for 2011


Apologies for not updating the web site .These puppies are all now in their new homes.

My web page was not working for several months.'


Please email if you are interested in a puppy.






Grand Daughter Mekenzie with Deryn's first litter.



Am/Can Ch Tresaiths Tiz A Golden Morn [Morgann]

Bred to Am/Can Ch Tresaiths Best Man.[Bevan]

We are happy to say all the puppies in our July 2nd 2009 litter have found wonderful homes. Here they are together as a group a few weeks before they left.


Left to right with their new names

Lacie, Delia, Merlin, Brynne, Rabbit,Millie 


Here are the puppies at 8 weeks playing in the yard.



Our second 2009 litter was born October 10th when our girl Gwen had puppies by our lovely boy Dewy.

October 10th 2009 Three red and white boys and one red girl

One pet boy and one show boy we hope available

so deposits from approved homes accepted.


Beezie was from the last litter in 2008.

Click here to see Beezie learning agility with her mommy.

2008 litters


October 10th 2008.


Am/Ch Tresaith's Poppit Sands Jubilee [Poppit]

bred to Can Ch Tresaiths Best Man [Bevan]

Left to right

Lilybet, Sadie, Beezie, Muffin, Harry, Rose, Tristan and Emlen

October 25th 2008


Am/Can Ch Tresaiths Tiz A Golden Morn [Morgann]

Bred to Can Ch Tresaiths Best Man.[Bevan]

Left to right

Lily, Kipling, Emmy, Topper and Beau.,



These puppies can now be seen growing up on the Alabama born page.


If you want to see the puppies click here


Crush - Shani's kids

Sam - Shani's kids