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The lovely view looking out from the back of our Alabama home.


Why Tresaith Kennels?

Tresaith Kennels had it's start years ago, although it was almost 40 years from being created. Janets's family was first caught by the Corgi bug when her family brought into their home a Corgi  from one of the Queen of England's litters ..From that point on it has been all Welsh Corgis.


The Tresaith part came from the summer retreat area that Janet would go to with her family as it was two miles from her birth place in Aberporth near Cardigan.

Tresaith is a small, friendly, tucked away coastal village in South Wales, enclosed by steep shale cliffs and bracken covered slopes. Tresaith is one of the locations most favored by visitors to Ceredigion. It is almost a picture book seaside village and offers a wonderful sandy beach.  The word means seven in Welsh and legend has it that once upon a time, a king of Ireland had seven troublesome daughters. Having tried in vain to instill some element of control over the seven princesses the king lost patience and ordered his daughters cast adrift in an open boat. The currants of the Irish Sea bore the craft towards the coast of Ceredigion and it beached here. The seven princesses fell in love with the sons of seven local Welsh families, married and settled down. Which explains why the settlement is called-the town of seven!. A Ceredigion Heritage Coast links Tresaith to neighboring Aberporth, and at low tide it is possible ,with care, having first consulted a copy of the Ceredigion Tide Tables,to walk along the foreshore all the way to the golden beaches of Pembryn, to the north. Pembryn, its sand dunes and surrounding woodlands, are managed by the National trust.


 Tresaith has a special place in the Richardson family and what a better way to keep that summer feeling year round than have constant reminders of the fun that comes when being at Tresaith.

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Doris Mason of Revelmere Corgis and Jilly "Revelmere Maid of Honour" at Tresaith



This is the back view of our house.

Janet and Dewy Eukanuba 2011

Janet and Dewy Eukanuba 2011

Here a very nice article on us! We are very proud!!



Look at some beautiful pictures of the 2008 Spring at my place





Crush - Shani's kids

Sam - Shani's kids