Dewy with his Best Of Opposite Sexe Rosette



sire: Ch. Faerie Glen Replay
dam: Ch. Honeyfox Silk'n Stockings


Breeders  Susan Strickland         whelped April 2007



Dewy is OFA Good - Vwd Carrier - DM Carrier - Carry lc gene.







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has turned 11 years old April 07, 2018











Dewy celebrate his birthday at the dog show sharing cake with everyone. He has had two great days going Owner Handler Herding Group Ones.




National 2017










Bills face when he kept winning with photos all taken Veterans Day.







Dewy and Brandi at the National 2016

1st in line of the Specials with 97 in class and made the cut to 18. Not bad at 9 1/2 age.





December 2015


Dewys friend Robert Lives for his weekly visits and as he silently talks with him I thought I would video a bit so all can hear.



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Dewy got the highest theropy title for 400 visits.

Distinguished in Debember 2015







July 2015



Another lovely group placement for Dewy











"Flash news"


"Flash news"

April 12, 2015


Dewy did it again!!!


Best of Opposit Sex at the "Greater Atlanta Corgi Specialty"






April 04 - 05, 2015


Dewy took two Group Twos, one under Ken Buxton and one under Fred Bassett.







Dewy has his lastes Therapy dog titles.




Kayla and Makensie




Dewy earned is THD for doing fifty visits and THDA for foind 150 last year. Those were the AKC titles for 2014 and different titles with Therapy Dogs International who we are registered with.





He started visiting at a new Physical rehab building called ASPIRE and was helping one stroke patient turn her head and use her right arm as she loved petting him. Also he spends time at Shades Mountain elementary school where the children read to him if they are not confident enough to read to an adult..





Dewy is wearing is hat for Valentines day.





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April 2014 Dewy 7th Birthday










Westminster 2014



Dewy with Brandi February 10th. Dewy took Award of Merit at Westminster 2014



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Group 2 February 2014




Dewy with Therapy Dogs International visiting



February 1st in Atlanta

Dewy went BOS to Rebecca under Stephanie Hedgepath.

The next day Dewy earned his Gold Grand Championship




Dewy Therapy Dog with Hand and Paws





Potomac 2013

So what happens when the power goes out in Gettysburg Eisenhower

Hotel at 7am. I had no idea I had put on Bills black pants and

wore them all day to show the dogs. When we were getting ready to go the the banquet Bill says I was sure I brought my black pants with me. I never dreamt I had them on. I did not look to bak all day. At least my long shirt hid the back pockets. I had brought several black pants straight from the cleaners. At one time only during that busy day did I wonder why my room key and bait went so low in the pocket. I must be losing it in my old age!!



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