Kennel Puppies that have grown up and

 earned a title or are working toward a title.

MACH 4 Tresaiths Bombshell in Sable, RA, MXB2, MJS2, XF


Ceri ended 2014 being #4 on the 2015 Invitational list for PWC

and #13 overall for the year.

2014 Agility report





Onwed by: Sharon Olsen

Tresaith Top 'O the Morn, CGC, CD, RE, AX, AXJ

Also has one Open A leg in obedience

Photo by; Creative Indulgence






Tresaiths Starlight Runner


Here is Molly who is living up to her name as she has such speed in the agility ring. She is a litter sister to our Glenys from Mari and Sport and owned by Jim and Clare Hunter. Molly has set many speed records and if she would just keep bars up she would be a MACH Corgi by now. In obedience in March 2007 Molly  finally got her third CDX leg for that title. Not an easy title to get and we congratulate Clare and Molly on earning that title.





Tresaiths Little Rascal Rhys

Andria Filipponi Maloney with her lovely old guy Tresaiths Little Rascal Rhys after he earned his CD title. He also has his herding PT as well as his latest title Rally Novice. Rhys was from the first litter our sweet Delyth had when bred to Ch Nebriowa Front and Center. Go for it Rhys



Tresaiths Dollymixture Dream

Dolly lives with Junior Handler Michael Kennedy in North Carolina. As well as earning points towards her American Championship Michael has many wins in Juniors as well as Rally Novice title and Novice Agility and Novice Jumpers titles.

In March 2007 Dolly got the Companion Dog title. CD. This is a great accomplishment. She also has an open jumpers leg so will now give up obedience and enjoy Agility. Congratulations to Michael  Kennedy to be able to do this while having the pressures of High school.







Tresaiths Peppermint Kisses

From our Myles and Tootsie litter, Candi won a class of 33 12-18 month bitches at the National which was a very exciting time. Candi did not see the show ring after these great wins but went on to get many Agility titles with Judy Luce.




American Canadian Ch Tresaiths Jolly Rancher

 JR was a great one to show and he loved it. Bill got his first group 1 in Canada with JR summer of 2005. JR was a Tootsie and Myles son and he finished US championship summer of 2001 and looked just as good when he went to Canada in 2005 to get his Canadian championship




Tresaith Love of Crunch 

Crunch needs his majors to finish and was also from Miles and Tootsie like JR and Candi. Candi did the best winning at Specialties.




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