Canadian Champion Revelmere Maid of Honour

Sire:  English Ch Twinan Custom Made

Dam:  Revelmere Tritoma

bred by Doris Mason                  whelped May 12, 2003

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Jilly was from the last Revelmere breeding and we were able to get her from Doris Mason when we were in Wales  the summer of 2004 for my nieces wedding. We have always loved the Revelmere type and Jilly was the 4th to come over from that kennel.


Jilly became a Canadian Champion in 2005.She got some points the week we went up to Canada in 2004 then finished in the summer of 2005. Jilly was bred to Ch Dalarno's Play It Again Sam January 2006 and we just had 2 puppies  from that breeding. Bevan the tri boy lives with our oldest son and family close by and Lilybet has gone to a performance home.

Jilly now lives with her co-owners Darryl and Nancy Wright in Dallas Texas. She is Darryl's girl although spoilt by Nancy who slept for a week on the floor when Jilly had puppies and had her arm over Jilly.. Jilly whelped 5 puppies Jan 20th when bred to their Tyler son Rhys,' Am/Can Ch Putnam's Dazzling Ffair Dalis RN'. You can see them on the web site for puppies. Darryl plans to get Jilly out in the show ring after this litter and when she gets her coat back and I wish him well.. The five puppies are all in new homes now. Bryn has gone to live with Nancy and Darryl in Texas, and I have Kyrk to run on here in Alabama. Dave and Lisa Clear drove down from New Jersey to get Carys, Pedr has gone to Georgia to live with the Kealy Family and Prys to Baton Rouge Louisiana to live with Ryan and Anne Blank.





 Jilly's two pups when bred to Champion Dalarno's Play it Again Sam




Jilly in Wales 2004 before coming back with us to the USA. First picture she is having fun with our grandson Nicholas on Poppit Sands Beach, determined to catch his kite which she did and killed it.!!!


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