Ch. Tresaiths Poppit Sands Jubilee

Sire: Ch Sandyshire Summer Jubilee

Dam: Ch Tresaiths Glenys Goes For Gold PT OAJ RN


Breeders Jan and Bill Richardson          whelped May 17, 2004



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Poppit finished her Championship with three majors thanks to handlers Ferebe Simons and CJ Favre. She has been doing Agility classes this year and we hope to be up to par to compete in 2007 as we like to add titles on both ends of our dogs.


Poppit is one of those Special girls who has been able to free whelp her litters of puppies. She loves being a mom and is very attentive to all her puppies. As Poppit isn't quite 4 yet we have decided to share her with Marla Flynn who does not live far from us and who wants to do Agility with a corgi. She also owns a lovely tri corgi pet and she will work with them both in Agility classes with Webb Anderson and Beth Willingham..

   Marla also shows horses and so Poppit gets to enjoy running in the fields and then enjoy sleeping on the bed with Marla. We will then co-breed a litter of puppies in 2009 and look into the right stud dog for her last litter.



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